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Representation of the Swiss company METTLER TOLEDO

Artin Azma Mehr Company is the representative of Toledo Swiss Metler in Iran. Metler Toledo is a very powerful and unrivaled company in the manufacture of some laboratory equipment in the world. Has a long experience and experience in manufacturing equipment such as scales, potentiometric titrators, Karl Fischer, various types of pH meters and conductivity meters, density and refractometers, spectrophotometers and so on.

Artin Azma Mehr Company, by spending significant costs in the technical and service department of the company and attracting specialized and capable people, in addition to importing and supplying the equipment of this company, has the ability to provide installation, training, repair, etc. services in this field. . Depending on the different industries and customer needs, it is possible to provide advice to select and purchase the appropriate device in this company.

Mettler Toledo products can be found in many scientific, research, industrial, pharmaceutical, oil and gas centers (refineries and petrochemicals) and universities around the world, as well as in Iran, and have good sales sources.

If you are looking for equipment that has durability and long life together with high accuracy and build quality, this brand will be your best choice.

Among the products of this Swiss-American company, the following can be mentioned:

  • Types of pH meters (with electrodes, buffers and standards)
  • Conductivity meter
  • Multimeter and ion meter (with a wide range of sensors and electrodes)
  • Types of Analytical and Precision scales
  • Hygrometer scales
  • Potentiometric titrator devices
  • Carl Fisher devices – volumetric and colon measurement models
  • Density meter device
  • Refractometer