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Digital viscometer based on ASTM D445 test method



Viscosity measurement of the liquid or gas. Reflects the internal friction of particles in a liquid. Viscosity is one of the most important physical properties of liquids. Areas of use, especially in oils and other materials, are determined by its viscosity. However, viscosity alone is not a qualitative characteristic of oil. This semester only describes the ability to create a lubricating film between two pages of friction.

Viscosity refers to the molecular structure of liquid components; a special force is required to overcome the resistance between molecules due to the forces present.

The viscosity of a liquid always depends on the temperature. The dynamic viscosity of the liquid decreases with increasing temperature. Dynamic viscosity increases with decreasing temperature. Liquids become less viscous when heated and more viscous when cooled. For oils, the viscosity index determines the relationship between kinetic viscosity and temperature. The viscosity of oils always depends on the temperature. However, the degree of temperature dependence is determined by the quality of the oil. The viscosity-temperature behavior of oils is quite complex because it does not grow linearly with temperature. Each type of oil exhibits a different behavior. For example, two oils can behave the same at 40 ° C, but have completely different viscosities at 100 ° C.



 IP 71

 DIN 51366

 ISO 3104

General specifications of the device

  • Heated bath with insulated glass window view to test the standard viscosity of liquids using glass capillary viscometers in accordance with ASTM D445, IP 71, ISO 3104 or DIN 51366
  • Creative four-sided design ensures excellent temperature uniformity in the work bathroom. The amount of liquid is constant, the bath liquid is present not only in the main compartment but also in the gap between the outer and inner windows due to the extra bath. This innovative design eliminates the need to add bath fluid.
  • Test three viscometers simultaneously
  • The 304 stainless steel pump ensures a long life with any bath liquid over a wide range of temperatures.
  • Visual performance and clear indicators of “steady state” and “alarm”
  • Built-in clock and stopwatch for timing when measuring
  • Internal tap water cooling coil for ambient temperature and below ambient temperature
  • Adjustable to three different temperatures
  • Turn on and off at a certain time due with internal clock.


Measuring the viscosity of petroleum products

Technical specifications
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Technical Specification

Technical Specifications
+15…+150 °C Working temperature range
±0.01 °C Temperature stability
±0.01 °C Temperature uniformity
16 liters Bath volume
Distilled water

Coolant Silicone

Oil PMS-20

Recommended thermal fluid:

• for temperature range +15…+80 °C

• for temperature range +15…+95 °C

• for temperature range +15…+150 °C

3 Max amount of viscometers
510×230×660 mm Dimensions W×D×H
210×94 mm Bath opening
315 mm Bath depth
200×300 mm Size of glass panel
25 kg Weight
230 V, 50/60 Hz, 2.2 kW Power supply