Bitumen Direct Tensile Testing Machine

//Bitumen Direct Tensile Testing Machine
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Bitumen Direct Tensile Testing Machine


ASTM D 113-99
ASTM D 6084-04
EN 13398: 2010
EN 13587: 2010
EN 13589: 2008
EN 13703: 2003

In the laboratory, to determine an index of bitumen adhesion, they measure the amount of bitumen’s plasticity; the more the bitumen is adherent, the more sticky it is. Bitumen ductility properties are the incremental length of a bitumen specimen in centimeters drawn at a standard rate (at a specified speed and at a specified temperature) to reach rupture or discontinuity. The length of the specimen just prior to tearing in centimeters is called ductility or stiffness.

Bitumen hardness is one of the factors affecting the swelling properties. That is, the harder and more brittle the bitumen is, the less its pungency and vice versa. Therefore, it should be kept in mind that if bitumen is used in a cold environment, it has a good sealing effect to prevent cracking in the asphalt. We know that as a result of vehicles passing through the road, there are tensions in the asphalt that cause slight movements in the asphalt bitumen, and if bitumen cannot tolerate these movements, especially in the cold season, one should expect To have cracks in the asphalt.

Temperature is another factor that can affect the bitumen properties of bitumen so that the bitumen property of any body is carried out at a particular temperature and that the bitumen is resistant to changes in temperature that cause it to expand and shrink, It should have a good stinging effect.

Technical Specifications
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Technical Specifications

Maximum length of elongation of test samples 1,000 mm
The number of simultaneously tested samples from 1 to 3
Maximum load on each sample 300 N
Carriage speed from 0.1 to 100 cm / min
Bath volume 17 l
Range of maintained bath temperature from -10 to +40 ° C
Force measurement accuracy ± 1%
Irregularity of the temperature of the coolant in the bath not more than 0.5 ° C
Temperature measurement error no more than ± 0.2%
Carriage Speed ​​Accuracy no more than ± 0.25 cm / min
Length measurement accuracy:
– in the range from 0 to 300mm
– in the range from 300 to 1 000mm
no more than ± 2 mm
no more than ± 3 mm
Shape deviation meet standards
Power consumption no more than 650 W
dimensions 370 x 260 x 1750 mm, (depth x height x width)
Weight no more than 50 kg
Ambient temperature from +15 to +35 ° C
Relative humidity humidity at a temperature of + 20 ° С, not more than 75%
Voltage from 187 to 242 V
Warranty period of operation 1 year, no more than 2 500 hours

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