Closed method flash point determination device

One of the serious hazards in the handling and storage of materials that is specifically addressed in the Transportation Safety and Regulations is the characteristic of the material being fired; Even references to relevant scripts will be possible; but in the case of gross samples and oil cuts, a mixture of unspecified components is evaluated and tests or tests directly necessary to determine or estimate the cigarette fire risk factor. Flash point measurement is one of those tests that can be used It can determine the rate of ignition temperature or the formation of a flammable vapor mixture in the sample. The ignition temperature is a temperature sample consisting of a mixture of flammable vapor in the air at the sample surface.



LinteL АTV-21 tester provides complete automation of the testing process. Preinstalled test programs. Each test program contains test standard and parameters. Thus, when program selected, all necessary parameters and test conditions are set and maintained automatically.

Unique design of built-in electric spark ignition – there is no open flame, there is no risk of fire in the laboratory. Accuracy of flash point determination with an electric spark ignition does not differ from testers with gas ignition.

Test logging provides storage of up to 1,000 test results and the last 100 diagrams.

 Integration with LinteL Link Data Collection System enables collection and transfer of laboratory test results from the tester to a personal computer via wireless communication. Integration with the laboratory information system LinteL LIS, provides a comprehensive automation of laboratory activities.

 Convenient intuitive menu for selecting the analysis program, navigation in the test log,

Automatic flash point determination in temperature range from +28 up to +370 °C Flash point range
Automatic product heating and maintaining the product heating rate according to the selected test program Heating
Automatic ignition with an electric spark of controlled capacity for complete simulation of gas ball 4 mm in diameter Ignition
Stirring rate correspondes with selected test program requirements and is maintained automatically Stirrer

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