Flash point device according to ASTM D 92 standard method

This test method is used to measure the flash point temperature and flash point of all petroleum and hydrocarbon products and cuts that have a flash point of at least 79 and a maximum of 380 degrees Celsius.

The Clevland open-cup method is used to measure the open flash point of all petroleum products with an open flash point in the temperature range of at least 79 and at a maximum of 400 ° C, except for furnace oil.

This test method uses the ASTM 11C / IP 28C thermometer or an electronic temperature measuring device such as a resistance thermometer or thermocouple or the like. Provided that the temperature is the same as that of mercury thermometers.

In this test method, the heating rate of the sample is such that the test temperature rises from 28 ° C below the expected flash point to a speed of 5 to 6 ° C per minute, and with every 2 ° C increase in temperature, the ignition source passes through the test. .

Technical Specifications


from +79 to +400 °С; Measuring range
1 °C Discreteness of the flash-point result determination
gas ignition Type of the product vapor ignition
5–6 °C/min Product heating rate
14–17 °C/min Product heating rate up to temperature by 56 °C below expected flash point
5 °C max Reading repeatability limit of the tester
16 °С max Reading reproducibility limit
±1 mm Hg Barometric pressure


Beeping at the end of the test and failure detection Audio signals
Built-in algorithms for self-diagnostics, user notification about causes of malfunctions Diagnostic and setting
Differential automatic circuit breaker, preventing electric shock for the user and the tester damage due to short circuit, complete tester disconnection from power supply under all modes, except test one. Electrical safety


150 max Power consumption under standby mode
1,000 W max Power consumption under test mode
330 х 420 х 310 mm (depth x width x height) Overall dimensions
21 kg max Weight
from +15 to +35 °С Ambient air temperature
75 % max Relative air humidity
from 187 to 242 V Voltage
from 49 to 51 Hz; Frequency
0.96; Probability of failure-free operation within 1,000 h, min
 6 year, but 15,000 hours max Service life
1 year, but 2,500 hours max Guaranteed service life