It is impossible to imagine a modern industrial world without a catalyst, because more than 90 percent of chemicals go through at least one catalytic stage in the production process, and 20 percent of all industrial products in the world require a catalyst in their production chain. The catalysts needed by the refining and petrochemical industries as consumer goods in various operating complexes have always been one of the concerns of the business owners in terms of quality and optimal pricing.

By selecting reputable and experienced companies in the field of production of first grade petroleum catalysts, Artin Azma has provided world-class catalysts with a stable and long-term framework for providing the license and engineering design necessary for catalytic processes.

شرکت IVKAZ


Demercaptanization and desulfurization catalysts for petroleum, liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons and waste waters.


Process catalysts includes isomerization, hydrotreating, reforming, hydrocracking.