History of Artin Azma

ArtinAzma has been operating for over past 25 years in Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Azerbaijan and other CIS countries and has partnered with major regional oil and gas companies which have a letter of accomplishment available in company documents.


  • Tehran

  • Ashgabat

  • Sumqayit

  • Almaty

  • Orsk

  • Yekaterinburg

  • Perm

  • Krasnoyarsk

  • Irkutsk

  • Khabarovsk


Artin Azma Mehr entered the field with the aim of improving the quality of the technical and laboratory equipment of research, academic, industrial, civil and technological centers and transferring technology.


The company can also sell its equipment with one-to-three-year warranty with the support of 250 specialists in the Russian distribution network in the offices of the cities of Tehran, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Orsk, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk. To provide repairs and after-sales service for up to ten years.


In order to boost production and help the Iranian industrial economy, using the largest distribution network of chemicals and laboratory equipment in Eurasia, ArtinAzma co.  has been able to export Iranian chemical materials and sell them in the Eurasian region.

Authorization letter

Artin Azma Mehr is the official representative of the Russian Chamber of Commerce in Iran, as well as the exclusive representative of several Russian and European brands such as:

OLYMPUS, Spectron , NXA , Simple Pro , Lumex , IVKAZ , PromCatalyst, SKTB , Panreac , Paragon , Drager, Aqualab, Metachrom, Akvilon, Vitalav, TD expert, Hach , Fluka

Export of chemicals

In order to support national production and having the largest chemical distribution network in Eurasia, Artin Azma Mehr has been exporting and selling chemicals for production in Iran and in Eurasia.

Meet Our Team

Dr. S. AmirHossein Alavifar co-Founder and CEO
PhD. Economic energy, Moscow federal university
Milad Hooshyar Deputy of CEO, Executive Manager
Master of Materials Science and Engineering
K.N.Toosi University of technology
Mona Ghorbanpour Sales Manager
Master in Chemical Engineering, Gilan university
Amir Vafaei Technical Manager
Master Chemical Engineering, Esfahan university
Saeedeh Mahdinia Sales manager
Master of Analytical Chemistry
Bu-Ali university
Peyman KarimiMarketing manager
Master of Analytical Chemistry
Bu-Ali university

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