device FTIR

FTIR device

The LUMEX InfraLUM FT-08 spectrometer is designed for extensive research and development in IR (infrared) spectroscopy. This versatile and easy-to-use tool provides a good option for various analytical laboratories. High sensitivity and a wide range of accessories ensure the complete confidence of users in the high accuracy of measurement data and make it an ideal tool for routine measurements.

Features and benefits:

  • Patented high-quality misalignment-proof Double Cat’s Eye interferometer, which is the technology of Lumex company.
  • Optical chamber sealed with automatic humidity control system
  • High sensitivity DLATGS tracker
  • Advanced radiation source with long life
  • A wide range of accessories, including compatible FTIR optical accessories from PIKE Technologies
  • Easy-to-use software with integrated calibration module and library search module

Some applications:

  • Identify unknown chemicals
  • Determining the purity of raw materials
  • Determination of water in liquid chlorine (ASTM E1754-17a)
  • Polymer film and coating combination test (ASTM D2124-99 (2011), ASTM D2238-92 (2012), ASTM D3124-98 (2011), ASTM D3594-93 (2013), ASTM D4660−12, ASTM D5576-00 (2013), ASTM D5594-98 (2012), ASTM D6248-98 (2012), ASTM D6645-01 (2010), ASTM D8036−16, ASTM F2778-09 (2015), ASTM F2102−13);
  • Determination of plastic composition (ASTM D2702 – 05 (2016), ASTM D3677-10 (2015), ASTM D3900-15, ASTM D5670-95 (2014), ASTM D6047−15, ISO 4650: 2012)
  • Determining the composition of petroleum products, natural gas, oils and other chemicals
  • Determining the amount of oil and hydrocarbons in water

Technical Specifications

Spectral range

8000-350 cm-1 (KBr optics)

8000-500 cm-1 (ZnSe optics)

Wavenumber repeatability

0.01 cm-1

Variable resolution

64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1, 0.5 cm-1

RMS signal-to-noise ratio

> 60000 (4 cm-1, 1 min)
Stability of the 100% line, %


Scanning speed

0.8 s/scan at 16 cm-1 resolution


High resolution DLATGS


Ge-coated KBr (or ZnSe) in a hermetically sealed dessicated housing

Wavenumber accuracy

±0.05 cm-1


Vibration- and misalignment-proof patented
Double Cat’s Eye Interferometer

Radiation source

High-intensity long-life stabilized ceramic IR radiation source

Power consumption

65 W


32 kg


580x550x340 mm