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Analysis of food ingredients or any kind of industrial products is one of the most important parts of production and supply, as well as quality control of the production, production and supply cycle until consumption. NIR LUMEX analyzers have become an essential tool for monitoring the technology of the production process and quality control of food products. Lumex InfraLUM FT-12 NIR analyzer is used for fast analysis of various agricultural products and beverages and food, which can simultaneously determine the main components and parameters with the highest possible accuracy. The analysis is very fast (1.5 minutes) and non-destructive and usually does not require any sampling. Normally, using this tool, compared to chemical analysis methods, the costs of analysis are greatly reduced.

INFRALUM FT-12 WHOLEGRAIN: Dedicated device for grain analysis and complete inspection in the agricultural chain, grain grain crop management from the farm to the grain processing stage

The main applications of this device:

  • Food analysis
  • Rapid analysis of grain quality parameters (determination of protein, moisture, gluten content and other parameters) of wheat, barley, corn and cereal products, etc.
  • Flour quality monitoring in different stages of the milling process (parameters such as ash, gluten, whiteness, etc.)
  • Determining the amount of oil, moisture and other quality parameters required for oilseeds and processed products, quality control of food production.
  • Quick determination of the quality of the grains transported in the truck during the harvest
  • Quality control of received grains, monitoring of milling process steps and quality control of final product specifications.
  • Measurement of the main parameters of dairy products (salt, sugar, lactose, fat, total humidity, etc.) milk processing plants to control the quality of milk and milk products (cheese, cheese, yogurt, milk powder and others)
  • Analysis of food items such as meat, fish, vegetables, fats

Technical Specifications

Measuring time

80 sec

Sample volume

50 ml

Spectral range

13200–8700 сm-1
(760–1150 nm)


8, 16, 32, 64 cm-1

Dimensions and weight

530*450*380 mm, 32 kg

Power consumption

110 W

Power requirements

~220 Vac, 50 Hz


Once a year