Sulfur analyzer SPECTRON – SWD3

Sulfur level measuring device model SPECTROSCAN “SWD3 by WDXRF method, which is the same method for detecting the scattering of X-ray fluorescence wavelength to measure the amount of sulfur (Sulfur) in oil and petroleum products such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, oil, crude oil Hydraulic oil, ore, iron ore, as well as other materials containing complex sulfur compounds are used.

The WDXRF method has a very high accuracy and the minimum sulfur detection limit is 0.2 ppm and the device can determine up to 5% by weight.

SPECTRON Sulfur Analyzer starts testing without the need for sample preparation and only by placing a small amount of sample (5-7 ml) liquid in the sampler containers and in a very short time (approximately minutes depending on the type and complexity of the sample). The test results are displayed on the screen and can be printed by the device itself with the push of a button. In each test, 2 sampling containers are placed, which makes it possible to measure two containers at the same time. The device does not need to be cleaned after each sampling and subsequent samples can be placed in the device quickly and you never have to worry about contamination caused by hydrocarbon samples.

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Technical Specifications

Analytical parameters
Determined element S (sulfur)
Limit of detection for 200 s 0,5 mg/kg
Detection range of Sulfur mg/kg от 2,0 up 50000
Limit of accepteble absolute accuracy, mg/kg &plusm;(0,04·X+1,1)
Where X – mass fraction of Sulfur, mg/kg
Repetability limit* of the results of single measurements (P=0,95),mg/kg, in detection range, mg/kb:
– from 2 to 60 including
-> 60 to 500 including
-> 500 to 50000
*module of difference between two sequential measurements of the mass fraction of sulfur in two samples of a single sample.
where X – mass fraction of Sulfur, mg/kg
Sulfur concentration range from 0 mg/kg to 5,0%
Type of sulfur line detection Crystal diffraction
Crystal analyzer С(002) – pyrolitic carbon
X-ray tube anode Cr or Pd
Time for sample measurement from 8 minutes
Sample changer Automatic lateral loading for 3 sample cups
Sample cups, diameter, volume ∅32 mm, V 8 cm3
∅32 mm, V 8 cm3, ventilated
X-ray tube capacity less 200 W
Interface display, thermo printer
Dimensions and weight (not more) 530х480х340 mm, 40 kg– spectrometer
330х230х380 mm, 9 kg – vacuumpump
Power supply 220 V, ~ 50 Hz, 750 W

The advantages of the device over similar brands

According to the original design, there is no need to use helium gas,

  • Simple in operation;
  • Desktop dimensions;
  • Sample data and analysis results are displayed on a screen and printed by an internal printer.
  • Special sampling containers are produced for volatile petroleum products.
  • Automatic switching of 3 samples provides sample analysis and repeatability.

According to the lateral placement of the sample:

  • The error is eliminated due to the presence of air bubbles or gases in petroleum products.
  • Contamination with petroleum products inside the analyzer is not possible.
  • Additional errors have been removed due to contamination of the extra protective film.
  • The sample loading section is easy to clean.

Minimum operator actions:

  • Enter the sample number or name from the internal keyboard.
  • Fill two sample cups with the sample.
  • Put the samples in the analyzer and start the measurements.
  • All rest operations are performed automatically.

Video from the device