Technical Specifications

Technical specification
Automatic lateral loading for 3 sample cups Sample changer
∅32 mm, V 8 cm3 Sample cups, diameter, volume
∅32 mm, V 8 cm3, ventilated
less 200 W X-ray tube capacity
display, thermo printer Interface
530х480х340 mm, 40 kg– spectrometer Dimensions and weight (not more)
330х230х380 mm, 9 kg – vacuum pump
220 V, ~ 50 Hz, 750 W Power supply

The advantages of the device over similar brands

  • Due to the design of the device, there is no need to inject helium gas and it provides LLD 7 ppm
  • Simple operation, only one initial installation required.
  • Analyzer parameters are suitable for mobile laboratories.
  • Sample data and analysis results are displayed in print as well as on a display.
  • Has special sample containers for volatile petroleum products.
  • Due to the lateral position of the sample: The error is eliminated by air or gas bubbles in petroleum products.
  • Contamination with petroleum products has been removed from the inside of the analyzer.
  • Additional errors have been removed due to contamination of the extra protective film.
  • Sample loading section is easy to clean.
  • Minimum operator actions:
  • Enter the sample number or name from the internal keyboard.
  • Fill two sample cups with the sample.
  • Put the samples in the analyzer and start the measurements.
  • All operations are performed automatically

Video from the device