A Targeted Approach

We supply laboratory equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers, such as “Huber” (high-precision thermostatic equipment), “Sartorius” and “A&D” (weighing equipment), “Rheotek” (automatic viscometers), “Metrohm” (titrators), “SNOL” Umega (drying boxes and electric ovens), “Biohit” (liquid handling equipment), “Memmert” (incubators), “Ika” (wide assortment of laboratory equipment ranging from magnetic shaker to calorimeters), “Thermex” (Russian thermostatic equipment), “Vzor” (electrochemical analyzers), “Ecohim” (laboratory equipment), “Lumex” (fluid analyzers of different complexity levels), “Lintel” (petroleum and its products analyzers)…

Our catalogue includes the most popular items of “Panreac” chemical products, “ECOS-1” extra pure solvents, reagent grade materials for chromatography, the widest range of chemical reagents, industrial chemistry of Russian, European and Chinese manufacture.

“Laboratory glass” is represented by the products both of Russian manufacturers, such as “Vasilyevskiy glass factory”, “Khimlaborpribor”, “Rechitskiy porcelain factory” and foreign partners, such as “Schott”, “PLC Rheotek”, “Vitlab”, “Deltalab”.

  • Laboratory Equipment

  • Chemical Products

  • Laboratory furniture 

Chemical Products

We invite you to have a look at the wide range of chemical reagents, indicators, standard samples and industrial chemical products for your laboratories and enterprises.

All our chemical products comply with Russian and International standards. Products can be supplied in gram to ton quantities.

  • Culture media
  • Detector tubes
  • Detector tubes
  • Electroplating additives
  • Filters
  • Indicators and Indicator Paper
  • Individual protection means
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Reagents
  • Reagents for Chromatography
  • Standard samples
  • Standard samples for titration

Laboratory Equipment

Today our Company is an authorized sales representative of the manufacturers of world famous brand names in laboratory equipment like “Mettler Toledo” (Switzerland) and “A&D” (Japan). In the territory of Russia and Central Asia we promote the sale of products of the following producers We promote production of the following producers in Russia and Central Asia: “Tanaka” (Japan), Snol Utenos Elektronika (Lithuania), and German companies “Binder”, “Vacuubrand”, “Huber”, “Testo”, “GFL”, “SCHOTT AG” and others.

  • Chromatography equipment
  • Crusher and mill equipment
  • Devices for petroleum product analysis
  • Equipment for ecological monitoring
  • Equipment for quality control of road materials and construction materials
  • Gas analyzers and signalling devices
  • General laboratory equipment
  • Laboratory equipment for food industry
  • Laboratory weighing
  • Optical instruments

Laboratory Furniture

We can deliver assembled lab furniture and its separate spare parts by any kind of transport directly to customer’s laboratory or warehouse.

The warranty period for laboratory furniture is one year from the date of purchase.

In fact, with proper care and maintenance the furniture will serve you well for many years.

We offer to our dealers all necessary facilities for their warranty to be fulfilled. We recommend to refer to our specialists for help, or to the specialists of other service companies, who will carry out post-warranty service of your laboratory furniture.

We would like to offer you the products of “KWADRO” and “LAB” series, and Laboratory furniture of MetalDesign.

  • KWADRO (steel)
  • LAB (melamine laminated particle board)
  • Worktop surfaces

Laboratory Ware

According to your laboratory objectives, we can provide you with:

  • Glass ware and equipment
  • Quartz ware
  • Corundum ware
  • Polypropylene ware
  • Fluoroplastic ware
  • Glassy carbon ware

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