“SPECTROSCAN MAKC-GVM” WDXRF spectrometer determines elements from Na (Sodium) to U (Uranium) in solids, liquids or powders, in solutions and thin films, deposits on filters.
The spectrometer operation is based on irradiation of the sample with primary X-rays generated by X-ray tube, registration of the secondary fluorescence from the sample elements preliminary diffracted on a crystal, and calculation of the elements concentration with the help of calibration equation, which is a relation between the element concentration and intensity of the registered secondary emission from the element. The spectrometer has high resolution of spectral lines and therefore provides accurate determination of elements in complicated multicomponent substances.


مشخصات فنی

Technical specification
X-ray tube anode voltage 40 kV
X-ray tube capacity up to 160 W
X-ray tube anode Pd (or Cr)
Spectral resolution Crystal diffraction
Four crystal analyzers LiF(200), C(002), PET, KAP
Sample changer 10 sample automatic
2  spinning samples
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz
Consumed capacity from  220 V mains 850 W
PC interface USB
No additional gas required
Closed cycle water cooling system

فواید دستگاه نسبت به برندهای مشابه

Non-destructive analysis – all elements in the range from Na (Sodium) to U (Uranium) can be determined from one sample. Desk top spectrometer doesn’t require water supply or gas supply systems.

The measuring system of the spectrometer in the vacuum chamber while the samples are at the ambient pressure, so no He is required for the sample chamber and all samples (including liquid and powder) may be studied without any special measures taken.

Spectrum scanning and high resolution of crystal analyzers excludes close lines of different elements overlapping (therefore there is no need in their mathematical differentiation), provides correct background accounting. All these provide accuracy and reliability of analysis.

Automatic sample changer for 10 samples with two spinning samples for analysis of non-homogeneous samples minimizes need of operator activity while measurements.

The spectrometer is delivered precalibrated for customer’s analytical tasks, with required accessories set and sample preparation equipment if necessary.

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